Benefits of the CVP-2 Anti-Scattering Radiation Filter

Decrease Radiation Risks


Specializing in radiation filtering and shielding for protection is how Ray Shields LLC seeks to improve the health of the patient and medical staff. 

Filtration of Scattered & Radial X-rays


The CVP-2 will filter the scattered and radial X-rays generated by the X-ray Tube with the specialized ceramic compound filter. Therefore, it will reduce the amount of radiation exposure for the patient and medical staff. 

Slightest Margin of Error


Although results may differ depending on treatment or surgical environment and conditions. Our protection rate has a margin of error ±10%. 

Improve Medical Environments


 Allowing medical staff to move freely with lighter protective shields by reducing radiation exposure. This device is superior in reducing radiation exposure to improve the healthcare environment.  

Staff & Patient Safety Is Important.