About the CVP-2 Anti-Scattering Radiation Filter



We Work To Improve Medical Environment 

Our goal is to improve the environment of clinics and hospitals. After a 5 year research  project with the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, the world’s first radiation filtering device, CVP-2, was developed.


Also, after obtaining approval from organization such as FDA, KFDA, ISO, CE, KTL, etc. we have begun distributing our products not only domestically but also worldwide.

Our company is dedicated to the best work to reduce the radiation exposure for medical staff throughout the world. View the graph of transmitted radiation levels above to better understand the importance of this innovative medical product. 

 The CVP-2 Anti-scattering Radiation Filter device was made to promote a healthier environment when using the C-arm by significantly reducing the amount of radiation exposure to not only the patient but also the medical staff.

It also enhances the protection level for the Apron and other lead shields during treatments or operations. On top of that, it will protect areas that are not shielded (hands, eyes, skin, scalp, etc.)​ 

 The purpose of RAY SHIELD LLC is to provide products that will improve the medical work environment for staff who devote and sacrifice themselves to cure patients while being exposed to radiation. 

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