Protect Staff & Patients Against Radiation Exposure

 FDA, ISO, CE Approved  

CVP-2 The First Anti-Scattering Radiation Filter for C-Arm


Better Protect Medical Staff And Patients From Harmful Radiation!


Is Your Radiology Department Promoting A Safe Environment? 
​CVP-2  Anti-scattering Radiation Filter device was made to promote a healthier  environment when using the C-arm by significantly reducing the amount  of radiation exposure to not only the patient but also the medical  staff. It also enhances the protection level for the Apron and other  lead shields during treatments or operations. On top of that, it will protect areas that are not shielded (hands, eyes, skin, scalp, etc.)

RAY SHIELD LLC promises to continue working with top manufacturers who will relentlessly research products that will enhance the safety, protection and convenience of patients and medical staff. Also, we will make sure that our products are cost-efficient in order to be distributed all around the world. 

Through the continuous development of radiation shielding devices, RAY SHIELD LLC plans to continue working with with the manufactures for anti-scattering radiation filters for other X-ray imaging devices such as for the Angiograph and Mobile X-ray. In this way, we plan to not only be the pioneer but also the world leader in reducing radiation exposure to improve the healthcare environment.

Radiation has changed drastically over the last several decades in America. 
Your radiation protection today will determine the quality of life in your latter years.​  

CVP- 2 Anti-Scattering Radiation Filter In Use



The CVP-2 will filter the scattered and radial X-rays generated by the X-ray Tube with the specialized ceramic compound filter.

Therefore, it will reduce the amount of radiation exposure for the patient and medical staff. This innovative protective product is not only the reason patients and staff members feel more safe when they are subjected to radiation, but it will also what will separate you from the local competition. 

The purpose of RAY SHIELD LLC is to provide products that will improve the medical work environment for staff who devote and sacrifice themselves to cure patients while being exposed to radiation.

CVP-2 Reduces Radiation Exposure.